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Rank Branding allows exclusive naming rights with advertising “ownership” of the major taxi ranks throughout SA offering sustained exposure to a targeted market
The mobility of trailor branding means your brand enjoys the dual benefit of exposure at large convergence areas and the substantial viewing audience en route,
Our External ads are Located at the major airports of South Africa and are maximum visibility from constant stream of cars and pedestrians at the airports.
strategically placed on main arterials surrounding suburbs and key business and shopping districts.
We will arrange the most profitable options from potential media billboard owners and consult you on any lease agreements. We can manage and bill the billboard owner at a small monthly fee.
is typically advertising placed on anything which moves, such as buses, subway advertising, truckside, food trucks, and taxis, but also includes fixed statis and electronic advertising at train and bus stations and platforms


SACL is a outdoor advertising company bringing new ,fresh and unique styles of outdoor advertising at the cheapest rates in the world.

South African Community Link, here in after refered to as SACL is a newly established outdoor advertising company and proudly South African .We are bringing new ,fresh and unique styles of outdoor advertising at the cheapest rates in the world. We are reaching million different classes of audiences every hour,every minute at any place of your choice.Our Billboard prices starts from as little as R20 000 per month.

If you need any advertising done outdoors to publicize your business's products and services let us link you with the world out there.
Our types of outdoor advertising include billboards, bus benches, interiors and exteriors of buses, taxis and business vehicles, and signage posted on the exterior of your own brick-and-mortar location.


Your outdoor sign is often the first thing a potential customer sees.


Trailer advertisement are moved once a week to a locations as requested. Receive photos directly to your Whatsapp or email with your advertisement location.
Montly Trailor size Price (R) per Month
Weekly Trailor size Price (R) per Week

3 months

4X2 Meter


1 week

4X2 Meter
6 months 4X2 Meter R5175.00 2 weeks 4x2 Meter R2242.50
12months 4X2 Meter R4600.00 3 weeks 4X2 Meter R2127.50
24months 4X2 Meter R4025.00
3 months 6X3 Meter R6900.00 1 week 6x3 Meter R3306.25
6 months 6X3 Meter R5750.00 2 weeks 6X3 Meter R3070.50
12months 6X3 Meter R4600.00 3 weeks 6X3 Meter R2984.25
24months 6X3 Meter R4025.00      

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