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Trailer Ads

Highly visible, around-the-clock exposure ensures maximum impact at various points of convergence.


Trailer advertisement are moved once a week to a locations as requested. Receive photos directly to your Whatsapp or email with your advertisement location.
Montly Trailor size Price (R) per Month
Weekly Trailor size Price (R) per Week

3 months

4X2 Meter


1 week

4X2 Meter
6 months 4X2 Meter R5175.00 2 weeks 4x2 Meter R2242.50
12months 4X2 Meter R4600.00 3 weeks 4X2 Meter R2127.50
24months 4X2 Meter R4025.00
3 months 6X3 Meter R6900.00 1 week 6x3 Meter R3306.25
6 months 6X3 Meter R5750.00 2 weeks 6X3 Meter R3070.50
12months 6X3 Meter R4600.00 3 weeks 6X3 Meter R2984.25
24months 6X3 Meter R4025.00      


Trailer Advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising bar the web. All the major and best-known brands are built through TV the use of billboard and other ambient advertising methods.

Trailer Advertising is an outstanding marketing tool because it is cost effective, memorable and unique. No other advertising media approaches the value, gains the response and attracts attention like trailer advertising.

When the cost of mobile billboard advertising with Trailer Advertising is compared with other media, such as print, radio, television and traditional outdoor, trailer ads are clearly the most cost effective media.

Trailer Advertising has the ability to take your message directly to potential customers. With us, your message goes beyond the limits of traditional advertising media. Trailer adverts cannot be turned off, tuned out or ignored.

We have hundreds of different trailer locations that we use in the greater Johannesburg area each one is designed to gain the maximum exposure and sighting of your advertising,

we will however customize a route for you and work with you until we have the perfect route plan. We usually move the trailers every 3 to 4 working days which gives you around 7 locations for the month, not each...


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