Reaching million different classes of audiences every hour,every minute at any place of your choice.

Large format sites (>3m x12m) on main arterial and highways nationally

The company specializes in outdoor advertising with an emphasis on trailer advertising, vehicle wraps, transit media, trucks and tarpaulins.

We offer monthly campaigns with both mobile and static trailer billboard options at very reasonable rates. We have hundreds of different trailer locations that we use in the greater Johannesburg area each one is designed to gain the maximum exposure and sighting of your advertising,

​​​Outdoor advertising is advertising that is visible from public places such as streets, squares, bus stops or taxi ranks, and that can be put up on publicly or privately owned property.



we will do our best to give our clients maximum value for money within the budget that we are given. There are a few determining factors that can help with lowering rates or lengthening advertising campaigns.

Firstly the number of trailers that you use can lower your rate quite substantially as with other outdoor advertising media, its a numbers game.

The more exposure you have the more impact your trailer advertising campaign will create during its duration.

We normally recommend at least 2-3 days to produce your billboards from your artwork.

However, we understand that time is something that business does not always allow. If you need to put your campaign together on short notice, we will do everything possible to make your campaign happen.


Trailor advertising

What we have found to work quite well in creating maximum impact is with multiple trailers, moving them all from target area to target area you will flood your target zone making it near impossible for motorists to miss, and whats more, they will most likely see your ad again and again.

Repetition is great for awareness and if the trailers are placed correctly you could get your clients passing your ad multiple times on the way to work and on the way home from work.

We recommend scheduling your campaign as soon as you have a date confirmed. Our advertising trailers usually book up several months in advance… book early to avoid disappointment!


 Taxi Rank

Rank Branding allows exclusive naming rights with advertising “ownership” of the major taxi ranks throughout SA offering sustained exposure to a targeted market



The mobility of trailor branding means your brand enjoys the dual benefit of exposure at large convergence areas and the substantial viewing audience en route, providing potential cross-marketing opportunities.



Our External ads are Located at the major airports of South Africa and are maximum visibility from constant stream of cars and pedestrians at the airports.We also do Airport Internalads.



Complete your Out of Home campaign with one of our large or small format outdoor billboards strategically placed on main arterials surrounding suburbs and key business and shopping districts.



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