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Taxi Rank Ads

Highly visible, around-the-clock exposure ensures maximum impact at various points of convergence.

Rank branding affords advertisers the exclusive opportunity to “own” the multiple branding opportunities within the rank environment, immersing their brand in the daily comings and goings of the commuter.


The power of taxi advertising! 

When it comes to Taxi advertising, all forms of taxi advertising, the facts speak for themselves. Every week in South Africa, 18 million people commute using taxis. Most of them fall into the 4 to 7 LSM bracket; they are economically active and most are the buying decision makers at home. Taxis therefore transport over 80% of the country's economically active consumers.

Each taxi works for twelve hours a day, completes 11 trips and covers between 290km and 320km. In a month a taxi will transport 4056 passengers and cover 8000 kilometres. Commuters aside, taxis are exposed to thousands of other people on the roads and in taxi ranks.

Taxis transport account for 65% of the total number of people using public transport every week. Minibus taxis dominate 90% of the market with approximately 150,000 public taxis on the road.

There are approximately 1100 taxi associations and more than 120 formal taxi ranks nationally. Estimated value of the Taxi Industry is R16,5-Billion.


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